ACKM staff and trainers are leaders in their own field with many years of clinical experience and many years experience in teaching Adult Learners in Kinesiology and Natural Medicine.

ACKM Trainers & Instructors

Arthur Bablis - Senior Lecturer in Kinesiology, TFH, BKP, PKP, NLP, Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy, Coaching
Kali Spooner - Lecturer in Kinesiology
Sarah Gilmour-Mayne - Lecturer in Kinesiology

ACKM Staff

Arthur Bablis - CEO & Director of Education
Anita Racz - College Registrar & Administration

Sarah Gilmour-Mayne - Student Clinic Supervisor
Kali Spooner - Student Clinic Supervisor

About ACKM's Principal & CEO

Arthur Bablis
Founder & Principal ACKM
Director of Education & Senior Lecturer

Bachelor of Economics
Diploma in Direct Marketing
Bachelor of Health Sciences (Natural Therapy)
Graduate Diploma in Nutritional Medicine
International Diploma in Professional Kinesiology Practice
Diploma in Professional Kinesiology
Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy
Diploma in Remedial Massage
Cert. IV in Basic Kinesiology
Cert. IV in Work Place Training and Assessment
Cert. Master Practitioner & Trainer  in Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Cert. Master Practitioner & Trainer  in Time Line Therapy
Cert. Master Practitioner & Hypnosis
Cert. Master Practitioner & Trainer  in NLP Coaching

"I really believe that each and everyone of us has the potential for great things and the capability as well as the capacity to live a healthy and fulfilling life. My passion is empowering each individual to grow so you can do exactly that."

These are the wise words of Arthur Bablis, who in addition to being the founder of ACKM, is Senior Faculty and Faculty Trainer with ICPKP, operates a very successful global business within the direct selling wellness industry helping hundreds of people in Australia and World-Wide achieve their health and lifestyle goals.

Personal Philosophy

Arthur's vision is simple…
"To provide premium services in Personal Growth. Natural Health and Education within a professional and supportive environment fostering trust, harmony and humility, facilitating each individual's growth towards self-actualisation, self-healing and a meaningful, purposeful abundant life."

Arthur's Background

Arthur's background, his formal and self-education as well as his life and work experience is certainly very colourful. As well as completing a Bachelor of Health Science and a Graduate Diploma in Nutritional Medicine, Arthur has a Bachelor of Economics and a Diploma of Marketing. His background in business, finance and corporate training clearly plays a significant role in his evident business acumen. In 1996, after spending 10 years creating a successful career in various positions in businesses within the corporate world, he decided that it was time for a change. This change led Arthur onto the path of self discovery and ultimately into the field of Natural Health and Human Performance, a field where Arthur has become a leading authority and trainer today.

After extensive study Arthur is now a qualified Kinesiologist, Remedial Therapist, a registered and certified Neuro Linguistic Programming & Time Line Therapy™ Practitioner as well as a registered Hypnotherapist. He has been certified in Emotional Freedom Techniques™, has completed a Graduate Diploma in Clinical Nutrition as well as having completed a Bachelor of Health Science. Currently he is completing a Graduate Diploma in Psychology.

Arthur has been teaching and practicing Kinesiology, Natural Health and Human Performance since 1997. As Senior Faculty and Faculty Trainer of the International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice (ICPKP), Arthur's commitment is in providing first class kinesiology training and services as well as human performance tools which are second to none. He is committed to helping others achieve the full potential both personally and professionally. He is accredited with the:
  • Australalian Traditional Medicine Society,
  • International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice,
  • International Kinesiology College
  • Touch For Health Instructor's Association
  • International Institute of Complementary Therapies (IICT)
  • Australian Board of NLP
  • American Board of NLP
  • Time Line Therapy Association
  • American Board of Hypnotherapy
Arthur has a passion for bringing the best out of people. This passion is certainly evident in his energetic, professional, dedicated and fun approach in his sessions and training.

Just check out what some of his students and clients have to say…… CLICK HERE

Arthur recognizes the uniqueness of each person and the importance of tailoring every session and training to meet each individual's specific needs. With empathy, understanding and respect for each individual, your ability to embrace life changes will be greatly enhanced, resulting in an increased zest for life.
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