What is Energy Psychology?

Energy Psychology incorporates leading-edge treatment methods that integrate ancient wisdom, 5,000 years of Traditional Chinese Medicine for example, with current mind-body research. The new techniques enable the body's natural healing system to achieve lasting emotional, mental, and physical changes. Healing is accomplished with a simplicity and speed that astounds both clients and practitioners. This new technology provides rapid relief from phobias, addictive cravings, disruptive emotions, physical symptoms, and trauma. It is compatible with other psychotherapies, and clients are able to use most of these skills on their own with great success. Clinicians serve as guides to help the client identify the source of discomfort and apply the technique.

Experts in the field are reporting success rates of 80% to 100%.  Symptoms are replaced by feelings of calm and wellbeing. Symptom relief, muscle testing, and life experience verify the success this new discipline is achieving to help people change and heal.

With its roots in Clinical Psychology, Applied and Behavioural Kinesiology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Quantum Field Theory and many other energy healing and energy medicine approaches, energy psychology techniques precisely combine thought, emotion, and gentle, non-invasive stimulus of the subtle energy system to successfully resolve psychological disturbance.

Energy psychology is based on the understanding that every disturbing memory, emotion, thought and impulse is associated with a disruption in our subtle energy system - the invisible vibrational matrix which surrounds us, accessed through the acupuncture meridians, chakras, and the aura.

Restoring balance and flow to these systems can effectively resolve emotional, physical and mental distress.  For example, to heal an addiction a client focuses on the object craved while stimulating the energy within a meridian. This stimulation is provided by tapping or holding a sequence of points on the body. The client usually notices an immediate reduction in the craving.

Energy psychology techniques enable clinicians to utilise meridian points near the surface of the body in order to influence the information being processed by the body-mind and its energy field. Outcome studies confirm that alleviating negative emotions energetically leads to a change in the negative thought patterns underlying the symptoms. Releasing anger towards a person may change a client's perception from being victimised to empowered, thus making it possible to forgive or eliminate anger and resentment.
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Psycho-energetic therapies such as Specialized Kinesiology,                                                                                        
TFT- Thought Field Therapy, EFT - Emotional Freedom
, offer a quantum leap in healing, growth and
personal performance, especially in the context of a strong
therapeutic relationship based on acceptance, respect,
empowerment, empathy and genuineness. Such techniques as
mentioned, that focus specifically on releasing energetic
disturbances from blocked "chi" within energetic channels
called "meridians", based on Traditional Chinese Medicine,
are also known as Meridian Energy Therapies (MET's).

Most of these techniques can be readily used for self-treatment
, for occasions when we are stressed or anxious, or for on-going problems such as addictive cravings, weight loss, and depression, where relief is so sorely needed at home. They are at our fingertips for emotional first aid when we are alone in our darkest hours, when no therapist, friend or family is available and can be the difference between living a life of "I should…" to a life of "I can…."

When we release our energy for change from its traps in internal conflict, limiting beliefs, fragmentation, disconnection and past traumas………..then we are able to be and to do more than we ever dared to hope we could, and to enjoy authentic, spontaneous and loving connections with our self, with others and with our world.

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